3D Printed Fruit Bat Skeleton (Wings Closed) Shadowbox Display

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NEW! Loose model option!

Help Bats!! Anatomically accurate fruit bat skeleton that comes with a donation to bat conservation, and bat need it more now than ever. Forgotten Boneyard does not offer real bat products due to the rampant use of poached bats in the "oddities" industry. Instead we are giving back, and you can too!

Forgotten Boneyard exclusive 3D printed replica of an Indonesian Fruit Bat. I am printing these as a way to combat the unnecessary slaughter of southeast Asian bats as food and decor. $5 from each purchase will go towards bat conservation.

Lifesize and anatomically accurate bat, 3D printed in plastic, hand painted, and mounted inside of an 8x5 inch shadowbox.

Thanks for your support and see what other species we are trying to help out!