Where do you source your bones and specimens?

This is probably my number one question I receive and with good reason. As a fellow lover of nature and animals I take what I do very seriously. I collect and process most of my materials myself. All of my products come from different sources including but not limited to: roadkill, lost pets, losses from veterinarians, natural death, farm losses, meat industry byproduct, etc. Each item I use would have otherwise been wasted, nothing is ever harmed for the purpose of my artwork. I do not support trapping or sport hunting and a percentage of my profits got to help a our private animal rescue Jonesy's Friend.

Are they real?

Another really common question. Yes, all of the specimens I sell are real with the exception of the 3D printed replicas (More on this in the next question). All of my sculptures/assemblages are a product of my imagination but are comprised of real bones, skulls, teeth, feathers, scales, claws, shells, etc unless otherwise stated. Coming by supplies ethically is a real challenge, time consuming, and probably the most difficult task when working within this medium.

What's with the 3D printed replicas?

Some of the replicas are of popular pieces I have made over the years. I intend to add to this series once or twice a year. Others are based on actual animals, and many are to dissuade people from buying real specimens of certain species that are being exploited by the "oddities" and natural history industry. Sadly, animals like bats and seahorse are poached so that people can use them as decor. Not only do I find this unacceptable, but with each model of a bat, seahorse, owl, etc that sells, $5 is donated to a conservation effort for that animal. So far we have been able to raise hundreds of dollar for conservation!

 Do you accept custom orders?

Yes I do. To inquire about a custom order feel free to contact me at forgottenboneyard@gmail.com to discuss. I can create pieces based on your ideas or with materials you supply, like a lost pet being articulated into a sculpture. Maybe you have seen something I have made in the past and want one that is similar (sorry, no two pieces are rarely the same due to the materials I use but I can try) or maybe you have an idea completely your own. I also process pets to bone or preserve them into wet specimens/mummifications… whatever you would like! Keep in mind shipping your lost pet for a custom order can often be costly to ensure it arrive here in workable condition.

Do you make jewelry?

Yes and no. I do collaborate on pieces with jewelry maker and artist Jana Miller from Bonelust. Although I promote the finished jewelry on my social networking pages, I do not sell these pieces in my shop. Instead I make something like a small bone flower (Osteo Flora Series) or bone spider (Osteo Arachnid Series) then hand it over to Jana to be made into a wearable piece. You can sometimes find these pieces for sale in her shop at bonelust.etsy.com and you can also request custom made jewelry from her directly.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes I do. I have shipped to Canada, United Kingdom, Norway, Italy, Spain, Russian Federation, China, Australia, Nigeria, Sweden and more. I take a lot of care in packing these orders but it is up to you as a buyer to know your local laws as to what you can import. I do not take responsibility for items confiscated by customs. That being said, I have never had a product fail to reach its destination outside of the US.

Where I have I seen your work before?

I have been in this business since 2011 and full time since 2012. Over the years I have attended conventions and other shows in Chicago, Dallas, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Orlando, Atlanta, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Portland, New Orleans, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Denver, Albuquerque, Salt Lake City and more. My work has been featured on websites like Buzzfeed, Reddit, TheVerge, Beautiful Decay, Technabob, Cult of Weird, MentalFloss, Horror Society and many many more. My work has been published in magazines like Bizarre, Girls and Corpses, and Creative Innovations, among others. Shared by ThinkGeek, Famous Monsters of Filmland, Order of the Good Death, Skull Appreciation Society, Horror Homework, and countless others. It has also been spotted in a few horror convention based documentaries and blogs. So chances are if what I do looks familiar, it probably is.

Do you have a store/studio I can visit?

Sorry, but no. Although I am in desperate need of more space and I want to eventually have a space open to the public, at this time my studio is at home and is private. Keep an eye on the events section of this website for a chance to see my work in person at convention, oddities expo, or gallery somewhere near you.

How do you clean your bones? Can I get some advice?

I use natural methods to clean my bones. Natural decomposition outdoors moved to maceration, which is soaking in water until a healthy culture of bacteria forms and removes any leftover flesh from the bones. After this I use regular store grade hydrogen peroxide to whiten and sanitize. Very cheap and easy… but it does require patience. If you want information on my methods please visit my girlfriends informative blog at bone-lust.blogspot.com

Do you accept donations?

Yes I do! I am always in need of more supplies for loads of projects. If interested in making a donation email me at forgottenboneyard@gmail.com or through any of my various social networks (Links on top of site or just search for Forgotten Boneyard). To help support the work I do in educating, conservation, or our animal rescue, you can donate via Paypal on the Contact page.

Where are you based?

My current home is in the middle of Florida’s Gulf Hammock, part of the Nature Coast... kind of the middle of nowhere Florida. I am originally from Rockford, IL where I participated in a lot of local art shows, concerts, and flea market there, Chicago and other various location across the Midwest in 2012 and 2013.