3D Printed Bat Skeleton Wholesale Lot of 5

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Wholesale Lot of 5, plain white, comes to $30 each.

The first Forgotten Boneyard replica animal skeleton! This is an anatomically accurate bat skeleton of Leschenault's Rousette fruit bat 3D printed right here in the US, at scale (5" or 12cm tall), comes white. To learn how we are helping out with conservation PLEASE KEEP READING!

You may be tempted to purchase a real bat skeleton on these online market places... and although it seems perfectly legal, it rarely is... but the bigger question, is it ethical?

Thousand of bats are killed every year and sold as souvenirs, there simply are not ethical bats available on these online marketplaces. Bats are not just lying around dead in a rain forest without being eaten by insect and scavengers... these bat are being wiped out from their native homes to be sold as home decor or eaten as bush meat. Bats play a vital role in all ecosystems... but maybe most importantly as pollinators for fruit crops.

So not only can you get something that looks just as cool as a real bat, it's more sanitary (0% risk of transmitted diseases! Woohoo!), it ships worldwide without any permits or fears of being collected (rightfully) by customs, and it is 100% guilt-free!

That's not the only thing, we can help protect these bats in other ways like protecting their natural habitats and educating people on the benefits of bats. For this reason $5 from every 3D printed bat skeleton sold will be donated to a bat conservation nonprofit (that will revolve to a different one each month). I will post about these donations on my website and social media in the near future, and thank you for considering a replica. Only available from Forgotten Boneyard!


Tim Prince
Forgotten Boneyard