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Art made real animal remains by artist Tim Prince

Art made with real animal remains by Forgotten Boneyard artist Tim Prince

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  1. Hi,my name is Julien and i have a question. I am in an art school program and i need to do an interpretation of an art piece. I have to admit, i literally love your work and i decided to do my work on it. But i need some informations. My teacher want me to find the “meaning” of your work. So, the question is: What is the meaning of your work, what is your artistic process? I hope you’ll read this soon, because i have to give it to my teacher on november 18th 2015. Hope you’ll be able to help me.
    Thanks to you

    Ps: I’m sorry if my English isn’t perfect but basically i speak french.

    • Hello, Julien.

      First, your English is much better than my French! Secondly, I am sorry I didn’t see this sooner. More than anything I am trying to create something, that no matter what emotions it might evoke, is beautiful rather than the discarded or unwelcome feeling normally associated with bones and skeletons. Specifically, some of my work has “meaning” but not all… I would also say different pieces have different meanings. I want people to realize what works of art these animals are long after they are gone but I want to give them a new way to at them. When I sit down and looks at bones it is easy for me to imagine how they could be something else, but just as much when I look at anything I like to imagine what it would look like made out of bones.

      I hope this helps answer your question a bit, if you should ever have questions in the future I hope you will email me fore a faster response!

      Tim Prince

  2. Hi !

    I’m in love with ur animal skull and i would like to know if the animal were killed FOR being a decor or if they are find dead?

    I hope that i will have an honestly answer.



    • Marine,

      Nothing is harmed to create any of my work. You can find this information in the FAQ page of this website. I appreciate your concern.

      Tim Prince

  3. We bought a lizard from you a while back and the liquid in the jar has started to evaporate. What do we do about it? Thanks for the info.

    • Andrew,

      Sorry I have gooten behind on moderating comments here… a lot of spam clogs this up so it is best to contact me via email (perhaps you have by now). All of the specimens are finished in a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution, simply top off with this (available at any department/drug store). Thanks!


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