COVID-19 Response

I just wanted to make a statement about the virus. I personally cannot morally justify travel at this time, so I am staying put here in very rural Florida and I will not be attending any shows as long as this is a concern. I want to do what is best to keep you, those that I care about, and anyone who is vulnerable as safe as possible during these troubling times. My first shows of the year were just coming up and have already been rescheduled. I will do my best to make up any show in any city that I will be forced skip due to this virus. I am taking every precaution to make sure my work environment is functioning with the highest level so that I can continue to supply you with a safe product through online sales only. Around the world, I hope we all continue to do our part to slow the spread of this disease no matter how inconvenient. Help your neighbors, friends, and families people! Stay safe!


Tim Prince

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