Way too long since my last post!

First off, let me apologize for being almost completely absent online this year. I have been on the road for some time this year from Albuquerque, Atlanta, and Tulsa to Indianapolis, Philadelphia, and Dallas… AND I HAVE AT LEAST 8 MORE SHOWS COMING!


Although I have done a number of different events this year, from here on out I will be traveling with the ODDITIES & CURIOSITIES EXPO… they have been so good to me that I will be doing nearly all of their shows next year as well… but before I get ahead of myself lets get back to what is coming this summer!


Minneapolis, MN on June 1st, Charlotte, NC on June 29th, Chicago, IL on July 20th-21st, Detroit, MI on August 3rd! Click the event tab for all the info and fall dates.


As far as everything else, we have been overrun with misfortunes involving a private cat rescue I run with my partner (Jana Miller of Bonelust). We are struggling to keep our heads above water and considering making it a public 501c3 to accept donations as things ramp up faster than we can find homes. You can soon follow our efforts at @jonesysfriends on Instagram or email us with inquiries at jonesysfriends@gmail.com


As online products go I am dealing with massive delays on 3D model design and a rise in cost on printing so high that these may be temporary put on hold until better solutions can keep these around. I will be working on getting some new merch up in the coming months, also… keep an eye out for a really cool new wet specimen globe display that should be available this summer.

Okay… this was a mouthful… BUT IT HAS BEEN SO LONG!!! Look, I will be making more of an effort to post, I know I can be terrible when I have a lot going on… but this is good, right? Working on a new website for launch in August!


Thanks guys,


Tim Prince



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