Lots of Things Happening! What’s New?

Hey, everyone. My apologies for being rather absent from the internet but I felt like I needed to take a break for a while… of course it has ended up being longer than I expected and I am still working my way back into it. I will be stocking the shop once this summer (already happening now) but after that I have a string of shows to end the year with. I have upcoming shows in New Orleans this August, a show in Denver this October, and shows in Atlanta and Orlando in November! I am excited to see some new people as this is my first time in New Orleans and Denver… I will be posting detail here soon but you can learn more at https://odditiesandcuriositiesexpo.com/upcoming-events

Also, thanks to everyone that came by in Dallas back in May… it was a great show and I greatly appreciate all the support!! I am working on more shows to end and start next year… maybe even make it out west this year? Know of a show you would like me to know about? Email me!


Tim Prince


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