Kicking Off 2017 With New Replica Figurines!

First off, thank you to all of you for another great year! Plenty of plans this year, including some new items including Forgotten Boneyard Replica Figurines – Series One.


These incredible figures were designed by Travis Lee Barker ( and are based on some pieces I sold years ago. You can find pictures of the originals in the gallery, each made with real animal bones… but now they have been immortalized in plastic!


Each figure is 3D printed in high quality plastic to ensure high detail. They are hand painted and available in various sizes (some still pending). Series one consists of 3 figurines which included:


Audrii muscipula – a carnivorous plant inspired by the Little Shop of Horrors


Arachne – A spider creature inspired by Gremlins 2

Kampos – A seahorse creature made entirely of weasel bones

You can purchase a full set in 3″ scale in my shop today. Stay tuned for more to come in 2017!


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