Forgotten Boneyard Replica Figurines Coming Soon!!



Coming soon from Forgotten Boneyard! I have been working with 3D artist Travis Lee Barker ( who is making quick progress on one of my most popular bone sculptures Audrii muscipula, a tribute to Little Shop Of Horrors. This 3D model, once complete, is the start of a series of replica figures that will soon be available in the Shop section of this website. There are four replicas planned for release this year with other items being considered. These are great for those looking for something more economical, smaller, and more durable… or for those that would just prefer not having real bones in their home! All will be based on my designs and will be available in a number of materials, all creatures originally made using real ethically sourced bones. Stay tuned for more exciting developments!

Audrii muscipula - 2012

Audrii muscipula – 2012

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