2016 is upon us!

I just wanted to thank everyone that supports what I have done over the last 4 years. I could not do this without you guys! I have so many hopes for 2016 but more than anything I hope that my work continues to entertain and inspire all of those that believe in me. I will continue to push through to make this grow into something more.


I am still making progress on finding a proper studio environment that will allow the space for larger projects. I also plan to make this something that can be opened publicly or for scheduled visits so that some will have the opportunity to see my work in person outside of the galleries and horror conventions. Another thing on this years agenda is retailing smaller scale replicas of some of my most popular pieces that will be much more affordable then the pieces made from real bones. The ETA on these things is still up in the air but it will likely be in the fourth quarter of the year.


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Again, thank you for a great 2015!


Tim Prince

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