2015 Art Contest

Below you will find the top entries for the 2015 Forgotten Boneyard art contest. Artists were asked to submit works that were inspired by some of the bone sculptures I have made over the years. Thanks to all that entered the contest! Just click the image for more on each artist.


Caterpillar - ofsteelandbones

2015 Forgotten Boneyard Art Contest Winner by Of Steel And Bones inspired by The Caterpillar from Alice In Wonderland.

“Gravid” Painting by Ovezt Alia, inspired by several of my works from over the years.

Tattoo flash by Thi Brandao inspired by several of my bone plants.

“Forgotten Beauty” – Ink and watercolor by Shelby at Onyx Art Studios. Inspired by Skull Flower #8 (Shown)

kourglass (2)

Art by Ken Tackash inspired by my bone hourglass.

Gatekeeper - Macy

Artwork by Macy Poelsma inspired by my piece “The Gatekeeper”

Artwork by Chris Deshonga inspired by my piece “The Hunger” (Shown)

“Batvine Flower” by Katie at Carapace Art inspired by one of my bat skull flowers.

Bone Flower Tattoo - Nick Clattenburg

Bone flower tattoo by Nick Clattenburg inspired by one of my earliest skullflowers.


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2 thoughts on “2015 Art Contest

  1. I really.wosh I was amazing at art. So i.could win this fucking art contest so I could by that awesome ass new piece. However I’m not. So. Fuck my life.

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